How to care for your newly sodded lawn

lawn care

lawn care

It is exciting when your new home gets sodded. The fresh green lawn certainly increases your new homes curb appeal. But new sod is very sensitive so to take care of your new sod we recommend the following:

  1. Once the sod is placed it is very important you start your sprinklers as soon as the contractor is done and soak ALL AREAS of your new grass DAILY with your sprinklers (twice a day, if possible). During very hot days you will need to water diligently to ensure the grass gets enough water. New sod can turn brown fast, within hours, especially on really hot days.
  2. Check with your city/town whether you need a watering permit, it is the homeowners responsibility to obtain the watering. If you do, display in a window on the front of your home.
  3. It is recommended that you AVOID walking on the sod for at least 2 weeks and hold off cutting for the same length of time. This should give your sod enough time to take root and get over the shock of being transplanted.

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